Task Identification

The role of trained awareness level responders, who are "first on the scene" at a hazardous materials incident, is to protect life and property and to minimize environmental impact. To accomplish this crucial task, those First Responders (FRA) on the scene must:

"Awareness" Glossary

Essential attitudes for responders "first on the scene," who have been trained at the awareness level:

  1. Hazardous materials incidents are not like routine calls.
  2. Every responder must be realistic about their capabilities and limitations.
  3. The primary responsibility of every first responder is to promote safety for all.
  4. Coordinate and cooperate with all agencies responding to hazardous materials incidents.

Hazardous materials emergencies are different. These:

The study of hazardous materials incidents is basically the study of container failure. Properly contained hazardous materials present nearly no threat to either people, property or the environment. These incidents start with the release of a material hazardous to people, property or the environment. These incidents end when the public is protected from the effects of the release.

OSHA Mandated Training Levels

Federal and State OSHA mandate for hazardous materials responders is in 29 CFR 1910.120. Community-based hazardous materials emergency responders are divided by OSHA into five levels: