Nitric acid

Nitric acid is involved in many industrial accidents leading to injury or death, and is one of the more commonly spilled chemicals. The molecular weight of nitric acid is 63.01 kg/kmol; its IDLH is 25 ppm. It boils at 181.40 degrees Fahrenheit, and its vapor pressure is 0.12 atm. Nitric acid is an EPCRA EHS with a 1,000 pound RQ and TPQ, and is also a CERCLA hazardous substance with a 1,000 pound CERCLA RQ. The plume from a 500 pound spill (about one barrel) of nitric acid would travel almost a mile before dissipating below the IDLH.

Nitric Acid Phoenix, AZ Urban/Rural Day 90°F and Night 68°F at 5k

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500 lbs

5,000 lbs

50,000 lbs

500,000 lbs

5k/Urban/day 90 F

1,145 yds/0.65 mi

1.5 mi

3.2 mi

> 6.0 mi

5k/Rural/day 90 F

1,296 yds/0.74 mi

1.7 mi

3.5 mi

> 6.0 mi

5k/Urban/night 68 F

1,446 yds/0.82 mi

1.7 mi

3.4 mi

> 6.0 mi

5k/Rural/night 68 F

1,531 yds/0.87 mi

1.8 mi

3.9 mi

> 6.0 mi