• DO NOT go near if there is a chemical spill or fire at an industrial facility.

  • DO NOT go outside to watch the emergency response. Even the smoke from a house fire can be lethal.

  • DO NOT stand around and watch the emergency responders in action.

  • DO get shelter or leave the area, depending on the instructions of emergency responders.

  • DO NOT approach a colored cloud, or a white cloud hugging the ground, to find out what it is.

  • DO NOT linger in the area if you smell strong chemical odors, or if the chemical fumes in the air irritate your eyes or make you cough.

  • DO seek shelter or an area away from the odors. Some chemical odors deaden your sense of smell, so just because you can no longer smell the odors does not mean you are not being exposed.

  • DO stay alert to unusual odors, clouds along the ground, the feeling of an explosion, or something that seems out of place.